Who and What is
Genuine Butterfly?!

Our goal is to create a space where we can grow together. Spiritually. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

What started as an outlet for our founder's ( meet her below) creative energy quickly evolved into something way bigger. At Genuine Butterfly Brands, we create gift items that send a larger message to both the giver and receiver. (Oftentimes, quite literally: check out some of our slogan tees!)

As we interacted with women at countless events and festivals, we noticed a need for more than totes and tees. Women needed community, affirmation, and healing. That's when we got the idea for the Genuine Butterfly Women’s Empowerment Community.
So we shifted our focus and energy just a bit to concentrate on giving special attention to the women in the community. It's about giving women the information and tools necessary to access their authentic selves mentally, spiritually and physically.

Our mission is to give women, a chance to "unpack."  We observed that women often take in so much that we rarely have the chance to check in with ourselves and really assess how we are doing. This community will allow women the space and safety to truly open up.

We all have unique experiences, with both highs and lows. We want to help women take the first step into the journey of healing and freedom.

Meet our founder...

Born in New York and raised in the Hartford, CT area, Evangelist Ashaunda Hutchinson is a diligent soldier for the Lord. Since an early age Ashaunda has been an involved in her home church, she answered her own personal call to ministry in 2015 after serving passionately in the church's liturgical dance, Christian education, youth and missionary ministries. She became a certified Evangelist in the A.M.E Church in 2017.  Evangelist Ashaunda's life experience and deep commitment to uplifting her community has led her to focus on the holistic healing of women through relationships with God and community. Her nonprofit organization, Genuine Butterfly is an extension of her God-given mission. With her organization, she implements programming to help women realize their own capacity for healing and growth. Her favorite saying is, “we shine brighter when we shine together.” Ashaunda believes in the power of Self-Care and tries to relay the message of self-care being sacred to every women she encounters. When asked why she started an Women's Empowerment Organization, Ashaunda replied, " we have to debunk the theory that sisterhood is dead. Women are pitted against each other in so many different arenas in life that often times we don't realize that we have the ability to build each other up."